• Joel Stigale

    My name is Joel Stigale. I was born & raised in Miami and I’ve been involved in Hip-Hop culture all my life. I came up as a b-boy and have had the opportunity to meet & have meaningful conversations with the original founders of all four of the cultures of Hip-Hop. I have a great respect for the art, culture, & creativity of true Hip-Hop. The two great passions of my life are Christ first, then Hip-Hop. It was natural for me to put them together and Catalyst is the result.

  • David Arnaez

    David Arnaez began attending Catalyst in 2005. He is a drummer and a sound-engineer extraordinaire. After volunteering for a number of years he came on staff in 2012 as Joel's right-hand man at the Miami location.

  • Kevin Sanchez

    Kevin "NewCre" Sanchez started breaking in 2005. After attending Catalyst for a few years and volunteering as a mentor he came on staff full-time as the B-boy/Break-dancing Director in 2010.