Catalyst started out as b-boys breaking in the local parks. As we got deeper into the Hip-Hop culture we began organizing local events & soon after decided to start hosting a weekly event called Catalyst. We opened our doors September 8, 2001 & have been meeting consistently every Saturday night since (missing only 2 nights… due to hurricanes). Catalyst evolved from being just a b-boy event to encompassing all four elements of Hip-Hop: Graffiti, MCíng & DJíng & Break-dancing.

In January 2010 Catalyst West Palm opened its doors for the Hip-Hop community up north: 5217 S. Military Trail, Lake Worth, 33463

We started Catalyst Homestead in October 2014 serving the community down south: 1088 West Mowry Drive, Homestead, 33033

Catalyst Miami meets at: 301 Westward Drive, Miami Springs, 33166

The weekly schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays… Catalyst Miami Springs is open from 7pm-12am for b-boys/b-girls to practice/cypher, writers can get down on the wall, and MC’s can come hang out in the MC lounge and work on music, jam out, or record. There is also a workout room stocked with exercise equipment for strength training & conditioning.

Wednesdays… Catalyst Homestead is open from 7pm-9pm for free breaking & MC classes then practice/cypher time.

Thursdays… Catalyst Miami Springs is open from 7pm-12am. We get together for open discussions on faith & life then open up the b-boy room for some practice/cypher time. The workout room is also open for strength training & conditioning.

Fridays… Catalyst West Palm is open from 9pm-1am for practice/cyphers and monthly events, jams, and workshops (See calendar for event updates)

Saturdays… Catalyst Miami Springs is open from 7pm-1am for practice/cyphers for the b-boys/b-girls, MC’s, and writers can get down on the wall. The workout room is also open for strength training & conditioning. Events, jams, and workshops are usually on Saturdays. (See calendar for event updates).

Saturday Mic Live… is an event organized for MC’s to cypher, perform & battle (see calendar for specific dates/times).
While this is going on b-boys/b-girls are also breaking in the adjacent room & writers are getting down on the wall.

Battles… vary from 1-on-1′s, 2-on-2′s, & crew battles for cash prizes. Held monthly (see calendar for event updates).


Our Mission

Catalyst exists for the purpose of unifying & bringing peace to the Hip-Hop culture. It is an engaged community of creative people who come together to develop their talents. Through a variety of free classes and programs we assist artists in their education & professional development. Catalyst is also a community where people from all walks of life with different world views can come together for an open dialogue regarding the life, mission, & message of Jesus Christ. We respect all points of view & don’t force our opinions or beliefs on anyone – ALL are welcome.